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"Lesbian Blogger Paula Brooks"
Imagine my amazement to find that a second lesbian blogger has been exposed to be a man - Paula Brooks is really Bill Graber. 

"Paula Brooks" is the founder of LezGetReal.com, a lesbian website I helped her create. The Washington Post broke the story and afterwards I was contacted by Bilerico. I was completely blown away to learn about the possibility of Paula Brooks being a fake person because I spent every day with her online for months creating LezGetReal.com.

You may remember earlier postings I did here on LesbianMommy.com which talked about Paula Brooks and LezGetReal, or LGR as some of the writers called it.

"Paula Brooks" is Bill Graber
I encouraged many of you, my readers, to become lesbian bloggers for LezGetReal and helped some really great writers publish their works on that site. The design, content, syndication and marketing took 9 months for me to complete. From the MySpace and Twitter accounts to setting up new writers, to purchasing the logo and more - much of the site came from my work. Paula told me what she liked or not and handled much of the news stories while we worked using Google chat because she was hearing impaired. When we needed to talk over the phone I talked to her father, Bill.

Thinking back on the whole journey and reading the story on Washington Post I feel used, but I am holding onto all the great things the writers have been able to inspire from LezGetReal.com. 

Because the site is so heavily syndicated it has a great reach. Before I left the site in 2009 over differences between "Paula" and I, we made many significant differences for sure. I contributed over 600 articles and brought a great team of writers to the team and because of that we were able to talk a handful of lesbians away from suicide; we inspired Amy Balliett and Willow Witte to create Join the Impact back in 2008; we helped keep Shirley Tan in the country and with her wife in 2009 through writer Melanie Nathan; we helped keep Sean Kennedy's murderer off of early parole in 2009 and the site has continued to make changes because of writers like Bridgette LaVictoire and Natasia Langfelder.

My mind will be wrapping itself around this one for awhile, and I am kind of sad that her father Bill wasn't real because he was really nice. 

Keep your eyes out for other fake lesbian bloggers and for fake straight bloggers too! That being said, thanks for reading this blog and I'll keep you posted on this story as it further unfolds...

UPDATE: I confronted Paula/Bill over the phone about the situation to find out how he was able to pull of this hoax. Remember that everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt, but here is the article of Graber's explanation - LezGetReal.com Co-Founder Confronts Bill Graber a.k.a “Paula Brooks”

About the Author: Julie Phineas is a work at home mom of 2 who lives in Southern California. You can find out more about her by visiting her website at http://www.juliephineas.com/.

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