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I just realized that each time my children lose a tooth and we "give the Tooth Fairy a call", we're dialing a rainbow phone number!

My wife and I have been playing Tooth Fairy for years, telling the tale of her to our kids and sharing the excitement of finding money under the pillow in the morning if you leave a tooth. Of course I realized soon after we began this adventure that my kids were now learning how to sell their body parts for money, as my daughter loudly wondered if she could sell other things like her hair or fingernails from under her pillow and my son expected like 20 bucks for each molar and had a look of disappointment when he would find anything less than a five.

So I kind of backtracked with the whole charade a few years ago and told my kids the truth...

The lady who leaves you the money is me, and when your mama dials the phone to call the fairy to get your tooth she's really calling on your lesbian mom to stay up late and make sure the money gets there! 

There were a couple of times I've messed up because I forgot to make the switch or they've woken up while my hand was under their pillow so when I confessed that I was the Tooth Fairy, to them it all made sense.

This week both kids lost a tooth and I kept the tradition alive by saying "Ooooh, now we get to call the Tooth Fairy!"and I gave them the innocent look they use when they tell me and my wife their tall tales.

Old enough now, and knowing the truth, they got a little gleam in their eye and know I'll be sneaking in during the night with money in hand to take their tooth for my keepsake collection.

Ultimately, I'm glad I told them the truth (even though the other adults around me gave me looks like I was a dream killer!) and in the end I'm happy with being honest to my kids. They seem more grateful now no matter how much money they find under the pillow just knowing that we've taken the time and effort to make sure they know and feel that they are special.

That being said you know that my family will be keeping the Tooth Fairy tradition alive, and don't forget - in my house she has rainbow wings.

About the Author: Julie Phineas is a work at home mom of 2 who lives with her wife in Southern California. You can find out more about her by visiting her website at www.juliephineas.com.


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