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logoIf you're a lesbian webmaster, you might be a member of The Gay Ad Network.

As a professional blogger, I have many different sponsor options through programs like LinkShare, Share a Sale, and Share Results; yet as a lesbian webmaster I have been confined to sharing ads for mainstream sponsors on the blog I have for lesbians because there is no lesbian specific ad network. For any lesbian specific advertisements I have always had to join gay ad programs and hope that they had creative with women featured instead of just men.

Over time I have found many different lesbian websites that have their own in-house ad programs, and have refined my lesbian specific sponsors down to a nice well rounded list; but it still wasn't satisfying to me.

As a professional blogger I give advice to others through my various blogs on certain topics and on my blog about internet business I talk about how you can earn an income online. If you read that blog I will tell you, if you are a webmaster/site owner you MUST include an impression based advertisement on all of the pages of your site. I say at least one, but if you can put more than one that is even better. The reason for this is because you will earn a fraction of a cent each time your page is viewed. Nobody has to click or buy, they just have to see the ad.

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to capture income online; however, there are not many ad networks that will pay you for this, aside from Google AdSense, unless you have a top notch site or blog.

One ad network that I tell every site owner about is Adify. Adify is the host to a handful of ad networks, and after you are approved by them you have access to a variety of ad networks to apply to. One such network is The Gay Ad Network which is the host to all of the impression based ads I run on all LGBT sites I manage, such as LezGetReal.

The Gay Ad Network has been one of the sites I have had to incorporate into my lesbian blogs and then pray that they have ads with creative images of women.

However, I was really falling short of what I wanted until recently, when I noticed that advertisers like Olivia.com (which is another site I blog for) and other lesbian specific advertisiers were being displayed. When I went in to check my ad buys, the Lesbian Ad Network logo caught my eye!

It seems as though the Gay Ad Network released the lesbian specific Lesbian Ad Network, and I am already a part of it!

(**If you are a member of the Gay Ad Network, be sure to check your ad buys and optimize your settings for your target market. )

Here is the press release I found on the new site for the Lesbian Ad Network from February 24th:

Lesbian Ad Network Launches with Advertiser Support

Chemistry.com and Switzerland Tourism Sign On as Launch Sponsors
NEW YORK, February 24, 2009 — Gay Ad Network, the category leading gay media network, today announced the launch of Lesbian Ad Network with Chemistry.com and Switzerland Tourism as the official network launch partners. Lesbian Ad Network is comprised of the world’s leading lesbian brands and offers a unique platform for reaching the lesbian market across branded content sites and blogs, with custom editorial sponsorships, viral widget syndication, and video advertising.
"For years, Chemistry.com has sparked serious relationships regardless of sexual orientation," says Mandy Ginsberg, SVP and General Manager of Chemistry.com. "We're excited to be a part of this initiative and will continue to support all singles looking for love."
"Switzerland is a premier destination for the LGBT community, including Zurich as the proud host city of the Euro Pride 2009," said Alex Herrmann, Director North America of Switzerland Tourism." With our increased commitment to online marketing and new technologies, Lesbian Ad Network offers a perfect opportunity to reach our valued lesbian target group."
Curve, the best-selling lesbian magazine, Wolfe Video, the premier company providing feature films and DVDs about and to lesbians, and Olivia, the leader in creating extraordinary experiences for lesbians, have joined TheLWordOnline, GaydarGirls, TheDinah, and more than two dozen other online publishers to create the first major advertising network targeting the lesbian market.
"Our brand is known around the world as the leader in lesbian travel and cruise vacation experiences," said Judy Dlugacz, Founder, Olivia. "We welcome the opportunity to engage more advertisers online and on board to get immersed in the entire Olivia experience. "
"We are replicating our successful gay online advertising model and expanding it to the lesbian market," said Scott Mazer, VP Sales, Gay Ad Network. "We intend to leverage behavioral targeting, geo-targeting, content targeting and campaign optimization from our technology partner, Adify, to drive successful brand metrics and performance-based results within this vertical niche."
The lesbian market is beginning to attract increased attention from advertisers as more market research and qualified media reach has become available. Consumer Marketing, Inc.’s Lesbian Consumer Index reports that lesbians have a median annual household income of $80,000, with 80% of those households being childless. Lesbians’ higher disposable income relative to the general population is especially relevant in the current economic climate.
About Gay Ad Network
Gay Ad Network and Lesbian Ad Network together form the category leading gay media network, reaching over 4 million unique users per month. Gay Ad Network and Lesbian Ad Network are divisions of Family Powered Networks LLC, a privately held company that provides advertising and marketing services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender publishers and companies targeting the LGBT market.
About Adify
Adify Corporation is the premier vertical ad network management company and an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Cox TMI Inc., part of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises, one of the nation's leading media companies and providers of automotive services.
About the Author: Julie Phineas is a work at home mom of 2 who lives in Southern California. You can find out more about her by visiting her website at www.juliephineas.com.


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