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Thanks to Lori Hahn of Hahn at Home for forwarding the following:
Below are some of the key talking points that we are encouraging folks to use. I hope you find them helpful.
The people selling you Prop 8 say it's simple. But eliminating fundamental rights - from anyone - is never simple. And it’s just plain wrong.
Regardless of how you feel about the issue, we should not eliminate fundamental rights for ANY Californians.
Let’s all remember that same-sex couples are part of our community. (We) They are our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends and members of our family. (We) They pay taxes, struggle like all of us with high gas prices, and work hard. (We) They are bankers and small business owners, nurses who care for us and firefighters who protect our homes.
And if same-sex couples, like other loving and committed couples in California , want to get married – to care for each other, protect and take responsibility for each other and be there for each other in times of greatest need, the law now allows that.
(Eliminates Rights…) But Prop 8 would change that. It would mandate, under the laws of our state that one group of people would be treated differently from everyone else.
Our laws should guarantee the same fundamental rights and freedoms to every Californian.
And government has no business telling people that have been together for years that they can or cannot get married.
In California , we let people decide for themselves what is best for them. We believe in the freedom to make choices, and live our lives – without government interference. And we don’t vote to eliminate people’s fundamental rights.
Domestic partnerships ARE not the same as marriage. Domestic partnerships DO NOT provide the same fundamental rights, responsibilities, dignity and respect as marriage.
Domestic Partnerships just don’t equal marriage. If you’re married and something tragic happens at home, the paramedic …the doctor …
Married couples can do that without any questions asked. Proposition 8 would deny same-sex couples that same dignity and respect. That’s reason enough to Vote No on 8.
There’s not one word in Prop. 8 about education or about what should be taught in our schools.
It is local districts and parents who set policy about health and family curriculum…and all parents – based on their own values and beliefs - can opt out of any health or family related discussions.
CLOSE and ASK(s)
It’s wrong to eliminate a fundamental right of Californians to marry the person they love.
It’s wrong to treat people differently under the law.
It’s wrong to vote to eliminate rights.
It’s wrong to single out a group of people, deny them the dignity and respect afforded marriage and hurt the thousands of same-sex couples in committed relationships, and who are our friends, neighbors, coworkers and family members.
It’s wrong to mandate one set of rules for gay and lesbian couples … and another set for everyone else… it’s just wrong to discriminate …because regardless of how you feel about this issue, we should not vote to hurt same-sex couples in California.
About the Author: Julie Phineas is a work at home mom of 2 who lives in Southern California. You can find out more about her by visiting her website at www.juliephineas.com.


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