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Family Pride is a relatively new idea towards gay and lesbian pride.
The idea of family pride has grown lately as more same sex couples are becoming parents. Gay families are increasing as domestic partner and civil union rights expand, more employers are providing health benefits for partners and their children, and the general acceptance of gays and lesbians is on the rise. ‘Gay Pride’ and ‘Rainbow Pride’ are giving way to the changes to include ‘Family Pride’ as well. Family Pride festivals are fast becoming the replacement for gay families to the traditional and un-family friendly Gay Pride parades.
As a lesbian mom with experience in this department, let me tell you that attending a traditional Gay Pride parade with children is not advised.
Wifey and I tried to do the Long Beach, CA Pride Parade with the kids one year. We planned to attend the Los Angeles Pride Festival as well, but after the experience at Long Beach Pride we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese instead! Nowadays though, there are many options for gay families, such as the cruises offered by R Family Cruises, Olivia.com and Family Pride Festivals worldwide.
More and more same sex couples are becoming parents together, evolving their relationship and their gay pride!
A lot of things change when you have children, regardless of your sexual orientation. But I think the evolution of Family Pride is inevitable for gay families because of the change in issues that are faced. As a gay man or lesbian woman with no children the issues that would affect you the most would be issues such as gays in the military, discrimination in the workplace, finding a church, etc. Once you have children with your same sex partner however, the issues expand to include finding an LGBT friendly pediatrician, harassment at school, health benefit and tax issues, custody rights etc. etc. etc. The more you face these issues as a gay parent, the more your Gay Pride evolves to Family Pride.
An organization named The Family Equality Council emphasizes the need for gay families to become visible in society to help the cause for gay family equality.
You can read on their website about the importance of gay dads and lesbian moms becoming active members of society in an effort to put a positive face on the gay family. There is even a website from the Freedom to Marry Foundation dedicated to putting “a face on equality” by having gay families submit their photos. (I submitted our family photo!)
In any case, gay families are encouraged to embrace Family Pride and become more involved in the fight for Family Equality.
LGBT rights are established more and more each day, and there are many resources available to The New Gay Family. One way to get involved is to display your pride with Family Pride merchandise for you, your partner, and your children. For example we bought our daughter a shirt that says ‘I love my mommies’ on it. She was a baby when we bought it and it was too big. Now she is bigger and it fits, but she knows what it says now and loves it.
Here is a cute example of the type of Family Pride merchandise that is available:
Our children are a little too big for that one but I think it’s a cutie for sure! There weren’t onesies like that when my children were that little, so it’s refreshing to see how much Family Pride is expanding over the years. I look forward to the expansion of Family Equality and rights for same sex couples as well! Thank you so much for reading this post and stay well until next time.
About the Author: Julie Phineas is a work at home mom of 2 who lives in Southern California. You can find out more about her by visiting her website at www.juliephineas.com.


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